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About Emmanuel

About Us

We are a group of people of all ages, some of whom have worshipped here for 70 years, some of whom have joined us very recently! We seek to be a community of people who worship God and for our lives to be shaped in the light of that. There are a number of distinctive elements that shape who we are and what we believe God is asking of us:

Our identity is shaped in two particular ways.

Firstly, we are Evangelical. That is, we are Bible people and Gospel people.

  • We hold that the Bible is the primary way through which God speaks to us, and therefore serious encounter with what it says will change our lives. We continually seek to bring all that we believe under the scrutiny of Scripture, open to being changed and moulded in the light of what we find there. In our desire to understand what it is saying we are ready to ask hard questions of these scriptures as we look to discover and get to know the Jesus of whom they speak.
  • We believe that Christ's death on the cross opens up the way back to God and are committed to sharing it with others.

Secondly, we are Anglican. We rejoice at being part of a worldwide family. We also recognise that we are called to be the church for the community and to play our part within the wider church.