Focused on God  |  Committed to one another  |  Involved in his world

Our Vision and Values

Our Mission

is that lives in Northwood and beyond are transformed by God’s Word and Spirit to the glory of Jesus Christ and the benefit of society.

Our Vision

is to create a transforming community of disciples of Jesus Christ who are Focused on God, Committed to one another and Involved in His world.

Our Values

Helping give shape to the way in which we seek to achieve our vision are the values that lie behind what we do. They can be described as ‘the way we do things round here’ - not to be seen as ends in themselves, they are a means to the end, which is seen in our vision. Whilst we could highlight many different values, all of which are important, below are four that we aim to work at in the coming months:

  • Biblical: Not just that we read the Bible and understand it, but that all we do is shaped by what we find there. Our behaviour, attitudes, relationships, priorities all arise from, and are formed by, what the Bible says. It means not simply assenting to what the Bible says, but submitting to the Lord of whom the Bible speaks, so that our attitudes, actions, thoughts and words are all shaped by what we see of Him through His word.
  • Prayerful: Rooting everything in prayer, believing that it is only as we pray that God will move, and that as we pray so we hear Him speak to us, and learn to depend on Him more and more so that prayer becomes the DNA of the church
  • United: The way we carry out projects and tasks, and the way that we relate to one another must draw people together and build unity, not division, amongst us – so that others will look at us and say ‘See how these Christians love one another’
  • Servant hearted: Looking to the needs of others rather than ourselves, seeking to encourage one another, thinking not of what I want but what others need.

Much of this is already happening, but our aim is to build on that in an intentional way so that it becomes second nature to each of us and shapes the way we seek to fulfil the vision God has set before us.