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In this section of our Emmanuel church website we hope to pubiish articles of current interest, thoughts on topical subjects to do with our own Church life as well as thoughts on broader issues of interest to Christians near and far.  We welcome feedback (see the end of each article) and hope you find this section helpful.

Advent - the coming of Christmas or the coming of Christ?

I read this week that this season of Advent became connected with the birth of Jesus from the Middle Ages. Centuries before then, Roman Christians used the time to focus on preparing for Jesus’ coming, not as a baby in a stable, but in glory on the clouds...

Posted on Thursday, 6th December 2018 | Read more


I well remember a visit Kate and I made to the Imperial War Museum. We had gone to see the Holocaust Exhibition. I will never forget the glass box that we saw that day. This rectangular glass box was filled with hundreds and hundreds of shoes from concentration camps. Beneath this glass box was written the words of the Spanish philosopher and poet, George Santayana, ‘Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it...

Posted on Monday, 12th November 2018 | Read more

The jar of life

Do you have one or more things that you have always wanted to do/learn/start/finish but that you just never seem to find time to do? For the last 8 years my new year’s resolution has been to learn the guitar. I own a guitar and I have two books on how to learn the guitar, but still I have yet to do it. I also have a study full of craft materials which I rarely get round to using, and a huge pile of books by the side of my bed which have been waiting for years for me to read them. I often ponder why it is that I don’t make time for these things when I have such a desire to learn/use/read them. And I’ve realised that what it boils down to is that they are not high enough up my list of priorities. Once I have worked, slept, cooked, spent time with Chris, done the chores and relaxed (by which I mean watch a bit of TV and/or completed a few killer sudoku puzzles on my phone) I find I have no time left for anything else. But if I didn’t watch TV or do sudoku puzzles I’d probably have plenty of time for craft or guitar playing or reading...

Posted on Monday, 1st October 2018 | Read more

Why I love young people and why I think the Church should too

Youth Work was never at the top of my list of careers options growing up, in fact it wasn’t even on the list! So why youth work? My answer is simple: because I am passionate about young people. God has been putting a love for young people in my heart for a long time and it took me going on a gap year to realise His calling for me... 

Posted on Thursday, 26th July 2018 | Read more

How are you doing today?

Really, how are you?

I wonder how you respond when someone asks you this question. Do you respond with a quick ‘fine, thanks’ and move swiftly on to another topic whether or not you are feeling okay?...

Posted on Monday, 16th April 2018 | Read more