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Blog :: Why I love young people and why I think the Church should too

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Youth Work was never at the top of my list of careers options growing up, in fact it wasn’t even on the list! So why youth work? My answer is simple: because I am passionate about young people. God has been putting a love for young people in my heart for a long time and it took me going on a gap year to realise His calling for me.  

But I believe this love for young people is not just something He has put on my heart, I believe it is something He longs for the Church to share too. Why do I think the Church should love young people? Because they are of huge value in the Kingdom of God and because they are the future of the Church.

If we want to see the Church and if we want to see the Kingdom grow, I truly believe we have to intentionally love the children and young people in our communities. I was told recently by a friend of mine who works with young people in Tiverton that God is bringing revival in their town through the young people in the estates and local parks. They are witnessing healings, miracles and many people coming to know Jesus through the young people! And this gets me excited. I long to see the young people in our community come to know Jesus, to know the true life, hope and freedom that can be found in Him and not in the things the world throws at them. 

So how can we play our part in what God is doing? Whether you are a natural with young people or not, I believe we all have something to offer young people - a listening ear, supporting parents and carers of those with young people, or simply praying for them. I believe we as the Church can work together to love our young people and bring the hope of Jesus to them. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have supported the youth ministry at Emmanuel over the years, whether through volunteering, teaching, supporting parents, mentoring or praying. It is so valuable and makes more difference than you may know.

If this has inspired you at all to get involved with the youth ministry at Emmanuel then please do get in touch to find out how you can participate in the work God is doing with our young people.

 - Emma Dyer

Posted on Thursday, 26th July 2018