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Love Northwood 1 April 2017

Giving out sweet treats

'Love Northwood' - what you need to know

On Saturday 1 April we will be in our local streets serving people in practical ways...

We will be in teams of around 4 or 5 focussing on gardening, car washing and various other jobs people have for us.

There will also be a smaller team going out in pairs to offer people home made biscuits and goodies whilst chatting with residents and offering prayer.

We will meet at 10am at the church to worship and pray before we go out at 11am. We plan to be finished at 4pm (breaking for lunch back at the church at 1pm - please bring a packed lucnh!). If you can offer an hour or 6 hours it would be great to have you!

We're also looking for equipment to use on the day, especially for gardening or car washing. If you can lend some kit, please let us know.

If you can bake for the event that would also be really helpful, biscuits, brownies and things that aren't too messy or melt easily are best. Please see Liz Chorley if you can bake.

If you can help in any way please email

or contact Liz Chorley, Johnny Douglas or Adam Poole