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Music Makers

SING yourself happier and healthier!

Wanted: People who enjoy singing and would like to sing more but just don’t know where to go. 

Why: Singing has been medically proven to have great health benefits. It can dramatically improve breathing and airway problems, boost your immune system and singing can help release endorphins which is known to reduce stress and lift the mood.   

Who: “Music Makers” is a wonderfully welcoming group of people of mixed abilities and backgrounds (predominantly third age) who enjoy singing together. Each session is taught as standalone and will include breathing exercises, a vocal warm-up, a note-by-note run through if needed and will at times also include text interpretation, performance skills and harmony singing. You don’t need to be able to sing OR read music and there is NO audition process.

What: A wide range of songs will be covered from musical theatre, jazz, pop and rock’n roll to hymns and classical songs and text sheets are provided. (Large print copies are available for visually impaired people)

Where: Sessions are held during term time at Emmanuel Church Northwood in the Africa Lounge. There are 2 sessions available on alternate Thursday’s. One is from 1.30-3pm and the other one is from 7.45-9pm. The afternoon session repertoire is different to the evening sessions. For that reason some Music Makers attend both sessions. Please see dates on the web site calendar.

Which: Run by professional singer Anna Wilcox. A very experienced singer and teacher who has helped numerous people to improve not only their singing technique but also their breathing and mental health.  

Weary?  Don’t be! Just come along for a session, or feel free to contact Emmanuel Church office for more information on 01923 845202.                      There is a charge of £4 per person per session.

Some recent Music Maker comments: “Lovely friendly atmosphere”, “It lifts me and makes me feel better”, “The first group activity I have ever looked forward to” and “The camaraderie is great and we laugh and have fun”. One person said: “My least favourite thing is going home”!

We look forward to welcoming you!