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Mental Health - Great New Resource Pack

Much of the unfair stigma that can go with mental illness can be reduced by improved understanding of mental health issues. That’s why the Social Justice Team (SJT) organised for charity “Think Twice” to run a course on some of the conditions last year. We hope to re-run a similar course later this year.

In the meantime, the SJT has pleasure in commending an excellent resource to any and all members of the congregation. We all want good mental health for ourselves, our families, friends, neighbours and the wider community both inside and outside of church. Premier’s ‘Mind and Soul’ and ‘Livability’ have produced a very readable and comprehensive website to provide practical help and understanding to a wide audience, pitched particularly towards helping  church members and congregations. You may remember Will Van der Hart’s talk at here a while ago - He, alongside others, including Katherine Welby, have been campaigning for some time to get churches to engage with the issues and provide practical support and resources and they are, amongst other prominent persons, involved in promoting this resource:  the more we are aware the better we can help others, even if just to point them in the right direction. We would encourage YOU to check out The Mental Health Access Pack and discover these fantastic resources for yourself. The Mental Health Access Pack is now live. Go to to see easy-to-read articles, downloadable PDFs and helpful links for further reading. As the website suggests please share with friends by email and social media.