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In the Workplace?

We are all called to be a Christian on the Frontline - that is wherever God has called us to be on a daily basis. For many of us that is in the workplace, and we all know that that can be very tough - sometimes starting the day with a long commute in a crowded tube.

To help start the day with God why not read one of the books about being a Christian in the workplace (many of which are listed here), listen to a Christian PODcast or Emmanuel sermon on your way to or from work or even visit one of the weekday breakfast or lunchtime meetings in London. 

Martyn Eden has recently written an article entitled Work and Mission. Click here to download a copy.

Is there an opportunity to hold a Christianity Explored or Alpha course where God has called you? Let us know if you would like some support in getting a course started.

Finally - please let us know of any other helpful resources you have found.

Book Resources

Why not take time out during a commute to read one of the many excellent books which take a look at the world of work – whether this is related to the challenges of being a Christian in the working environment or a means of providing encouragement and spiritual support and inspiration. A few are detailed below – let us know if you come across any other which you recommend !

1. Fruitfulness on the Frontline. Making a difference where you are : Mark Greene published by IVP ISBN : 9781783591251 (£8.99)

2. Thank God it’s Monday : Mark Greene published by Scripture Union ISBN : 9781859995037: a practical look at how to maximise time spent at work and home from a Christian perspective (£6.99)

3. Get a Life, Winning Choices for Working People : Paul Valler. ISBN 9781844742172  £8.99

4. Working it out. God, you and the work you do : Ian Coffey. ISBN 9781844742196  £8.99

5. Working without Wilting, Starting Well to Finish Strong : Jago Wynne ISBN 9781844743728 £8.99 

6. Pocket Prayers for Work : Compiled by Mark Greene This collection of specially commissioned prayers, from those at the hub of working life, reflect with gentle humour and refreshing honesty on the joys, tribulations and issues faced by workers in today's world. ISBN  9780715140222

7. Love Work Live Life : David Oliver, leader of Basingstoke Community Churches,  published by Authentic Lifestyle ISBN : 1860245293. Offers practical and biblical help for anyone who works in the office or runs a home (Authentic Media, £7.99; 978-1-86024-529-9, available through LICC)

8. God at Work  : Ken Costa, chairman of UBS Investment Bank A book which examines workplace issues such as ambition, disappointment and money from a Christian point of view. ISBN 9780826496355  £12.99

9. Your Work Matters to God : William Hendricks & David Sherman, Navpress, Colorado, 1987. Demonstrates biblically just how important secular work really is to God. ISBN 0891093729. £12.99

10. Work Songs : Tim Chester. Published by The Good Book Company ISBN 9781905564675. These studies look at six psalms to 'sing' in the workplace.

11. The Busy Christian's Guide To Busyness : Tim Chester. Intervarsity Press ISBN 9781844741243. How to manager your life and not let it manage you.  

12. Jesus@work: Graham Beynon. 10 Publishing. ISBN 9781906173029 £3.00 Does being a Christian change the way we react in the workplace - if so, why ? (Graham Beynon is also author of Jesus@leisure)

13. Rebuilding Trust in Business: Enron and beyond by Nick Spencer, a look at how Christian thinking can offer a valuable framework for better business (Grove Booklets, £2).

14. Glory Days: Living the whole of your life for Jesus by Julian Hardyman, Senior Pastor of Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge, is aimed at Christian students and young professionals in their 20s (Inter-Varsity Press, £6.99; 978-1-84474-153-3).

15. Mastering Monday : John D. Beckett (chairman of the R.W. Beckett Corporation), author of Loving Monday, is aimed at managers and those in business (Inter-Varsity Press, £9.99; ISBN 978-1-84474-159-5).

16. Life Balance : a 5-session course on rest, work and play, Robert Warren & Sue Mayfield, Church House Publishing, £3.99; ISBN 0-7151-4079-5.

17. Anointed For Business : Ed Silvoso ISBN 9780830742691

18. Doing Business with Benedict: The Rule of Saint Benedict and Business Management - A Conversation : Abbot Timothy Wright (Paperback; ISBN-13: 978-0826467010 (no longer in print)