Home groups

Home groups are an opportunity to meet in smaller groups during the week. They are a great place to get to know people in a smaller setting and provide opportunities to grow and deepen in faith. Emmanuel is a large church so going to a home group provides a chance to share life with a smaller group more deeply. 

We currently have 17 homegroups meeting on different days during the week. Some groups meet in the evening and some during the day, some weekly and others fortnightly. All our groups have a different flavour but also embrace our home group values of family, worship, Word and Spirit and mission. 

To join a group or to chat more about the different options contact Dave Scott, our Associate Vicar.


SPACE is a group for women who meet together weekly on Tuesdays 9.30-11am (term time only) for fellowship, Bible study and prayer. A crèche is provided for babies and pre-school children during the study time. Coffee and biscuits are provided for the adults.

Meetings take place in the Africa Lounge with coffee from 9.30am and the Bible study 10-11am.

For more information contact Christine Britton.